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Illustration of person putting putting their left hand against the frontal lobe area of their head which is radiating headache pain

Can Pituitary Tumours cause headaches?

Most people in their lifetime suffer from some kind of headache. Headache is the single most common neurological symptom experienced. A headache could mean a lot of things. For some of us, it could mean that we’ve missed our morning coffee, we need some rest, or maybe even a little workout session. But persistent headaches

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Magnified view of Adenomas Genetic Cells

Are Pituitary Adenomas Genetic?

Are Pituitary Adenomas Genetic? Pituitary tumours (pituitary adenomas) are surprisingly relatively common, estimated on post-mortem and radiological studies to occur in up to 20% of adults1. Many non-functioning pituitary adenomas are small and if they don’t cause symptoms related to pituitary hormone disturbance or large size, often go unrecognised.  Clinically relevant pituitary adenomas are considerably

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ENT surgeon Dr James Bowman Pituitary Specialist Centre, Brisbane

Meet Our Specialists: Dr James Bowman (ENT Surgeon)

Dr James Bowman (ENT Surgeon) I am an otolaryngologist/Head and Neck surgeon with subspecialty training in skull base surgery, but I originally trained as a dentist. This interest progressed naturally to ear nose and throat conditions and cancer surgery. Skull base surgery requires a lot of additional training and dedication over many years and is

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Radiation Oncologist Brisbane AssocProf Matthew Foote Pituitary Specialist Centre, Brisbane

Meet Our Specialists: Dr Matthew Foote (Radiation Oncologist)

Dr Matthew Foote (Radiation Oncologist) I am a radiation oncologist that specialises in the delivery of precision (stereotactic) radiation therapy (high energy X-rays) to a range of malignant (cancerous) and benign (non-cancerous) brain tumours. Stereotactic radiation therapy, which includes Gamma Knife, can be used in some patients with both functioning and non-functioning pituitary tumours. The

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Dr Robert Campbell during Telehealth with a Pituitary Tumour patient in Brisbane with another neurosurgeon

Telemedicine available

For the team at the Pituitary Specialist Centre, caring for our patients is of paramount importance, and for rural and interstate patients the introduction of telemedicine means that help is never far away. Thanks to improved telecommunications, computers, and tablet devices, appointments from the convenience of your home or with your General Practitioner are now

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Interior of Pituitary Specialist Centre, Neurosurgeons in Brisbane

Pituitary Specialist Centre Launched

BCNC is proud to launch our dedicated Pituitary Specialist Centre, a cutting-edge facility designed to deliver the best in pituitary tumour treatment and personalised care. From the very first appointment, we take the time to welcome and understand the specific needs of every patient. We have a compassionate, professional, and highly experienced team of Neurosurgeons

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